Volkswagen Car Payment Relief in Farmington Hills, MI

Volkswagen Car Payment Relief

Lenders and Auto Loan Relief Programs

If you are one of many people who have been struggling financially over the last few months, you may be searching for debt relief. Your auto loan payment could be a significant portion of your budget, so identifying loan relief options available could have benefits. Many of our customers at Suburban Volkswagen of Farmington Hills have financed their vehicle through Volkswagen Credit. What loan relief options does this lender offer?

How is Volkswagen Credit Assisting Their Customers?

While some lenders publish their loan relief options, Volkswagen Credit does not. Instead, it reviews each request on its own merits. The availability of loan relief and the type of relief available will be determined after the lender reviews details about your situation.

End of Lease Options

Many of our customers choose to return their leased Volkswagen at the end of the lease. They may decide to walk away or to pick out a new Volkswagen at that time. You may also be able to extend your lease for a few weeks or months, or you could transition into a loan. With the last option, you could eventually own your Volkswagen outright. You can explore your options in detail when you drop by our dealership and speak with a representative.

Loan Deferment FAQs

What is a Volkswagen Loan Deferment?

One type of auto loan relief that could be offered to you is deferment. With a loan deferment, your payments for a specific period will be moved to the end of the loan. The loan term will be extended by the length of the deferment period.

How Does a Volkswagen Loan Deferment Affect My Credit?

If the lender approves a deferment plan, you are permitted to delay making the payments covered under the plan without penalty. The deferment will not impact your credit rating as long as you only miss the approved payments and as long as you make them up at the designated time at the end of the loan term.

How Do I Request a Volkswagen Loan Deferment?

To learn more about the possibility of a postponement or explore other loan relief options available, contact Volkswagen Credit’s customer service department today.