The Volkswagen Model Lineup

The Volkswagen Lineup

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Today is your day to wake up to a new lifestyle. Volkswagen is not just a car brand; it is a way of life for many drivers. Volkswagen captures the principles of the important German work ethic and their intolerance for imprecision. Volkswagen is a German term for "The people's car." That is colloquial like Das Auto, expressing a versatile line of premier automobiles with universal appeal. These spirited autos are engineered to meld man and machine into one for a fun and natural driving experience.

We are continually updating our inventory with the latest models. Please, peruse our continuum of model reviews to see exactly what you are missing out on. Volkswagen models are very luxurious and tons of fun to drive. Volkswagen vehicles were engineered to drive on the Autobahn. As a result, you will never tire of driving your Volkswagen. Every new terrain will be an exciting, stress-free, and fun experience.

Volkswagen Beetle

Experience the Volkswagen Beetle

Precision Handling

The rack and pinion steering designs engineered by Volkswagen are so precise that they are borrowed by Porsche for crossover applications. Volkswagen is famous for producing the "turn on a dime concept" in autos. The massive brakes and overall quality of engineering also make it easy to stop on a dime. Whether you are traversing great distances over the interstate highways or merely cruising the block around town, every moment is more exciting in a Volkswagen. In comparison, other autos suffer from mushy unpredictable steering and braking that makes them very stressful to drive. A Volkswagen goes where you want it when you want it, with no guesstimations and trepidation involved.

Volkswagen vehicles are stylish track cars and tuner cars for this reason. Volkswagen enthusiasts will modify the engines and various systems to tweak them for performance. That is not difficult when you are already starting with a high-performance auto. If you opt for a sports package on some of the pocket-rocket models, you can have the reliability of factory engineering and a well-tuned racecar in one package. Volkswagen has a legendary following of tuners who spend decades rebuilding and tweaking various compact car models.


Volkswagen models don't just drive like a dream, they look like something out of a Star Trek movie. The futuristic styling of Volkswagen has always complemented its cutting-edge engineering. The Beetle is such an iconic car that you will never find anything else like it on the streets. The original designs were extraordinarily aerodynamic and cutting-edge, long before the advent of wind tunnels, as a testament to German ingenuity. The sporty aerodynamic and futuristic looks are also melded with that universal appeal of being not too feminine or masculine.

Piano Paint

You will immediately notice a difference between the quality of paint used on Volkswagen and domestic models. The depth and richness of color produce a vivid expression of your character. A new Volkswagen is shined up and polished into a jewel that exudes luxury and status. That gives Volkswagen a full palette of sensory effects to excite its drivers. Volkswagen vehicles have visual appeal, characteristic warmth, and a comfortable interior loaded with all of the creature features to enhance the overall driving experience.

Stop in today and experience the difference. Volkswagen models handle better than many higher priced luxury cars on the market today. Stop at Suburban Volkswagen of Farmington Hills for a test drive to find your next vehicle.

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